• The first voloume of the series Avestan Manuscripts in Iran has already appeared: The Liturgical Widewdad manuscript ms. 4161 (Wandidad-e Jahanbaxshi), Girona-Tehran, 2015. More info here
  • The book A. Cantera, Vers une édition de la liturgie longue zoroastrienne. Pensées et travaux préliminaires (Cahiers de Studia iranica , 51) has been published.
  • Bahram Boroumand helds a seminary on Avestan Paleography at the University of Salamanca between July 7 and 10, 2014
  • The Exhition The Everlasting Flame (11th october-14th december 2013, Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London) shows a nice sample of Avestan manuscripts usually hosted in the British Library
  • The text of the Yasna ī Rapihwin ceremony is already available in ADA, vid. complete ceremonies"
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Charles University, Prague

This collection includes one single Avestan manuscript: Pr1.

Wīdēwdād ceremony to Sraoša. 302 folios, marked in Gujarati numerals. Written in Mumbai, 1811 (06.06.1180 Y.E., 1867 Samvat) by Mobed Ruštam Mobed Dārāb Mobed Frāmrōzji Minōčirji. Description of the yazišn gāh in folios 26v and 280v. Colophon in Persian, Pāzand and Old Gujarati (folios 300v-302r). Ritual instructions in Gujarati in black ink, with some indications in Pāzand and Persian. Published here in black and white in TITUS and in colour here by the Charles University.