• The first voloume of the series Avestan Manuscripts in Iran has already appeared: The Liturgical Widewdad manuscript ms. 4161 (Wandidad-e Jahanbaxshi), Girona-Tehran, 2015. More info here
  • The book A. Cantera, Vers une édition de la liturgie longue zoroastrienne. Pensées et travaux préliminaires (Cahiers de Studia iranica , 51) has been published.
  • Bahram Boroumand helds a seminary on Avestan Paleography at the University of Salamanca between July 7 and 10, 2014
  • The Exhition The Everlasting Flame (11th october-14th december 2013, Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London) shows a nice sample of Avestan manuscripts usually hosted in the British Library
  • The text of the Yasna ī Rapihwin ceremony is already available in ADA, vid. complete ceremonies"
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